CAB for Prequalified Providers

All prequalified internet service providers listed at are eligible to participate in the Completing Access to Broadband program in 2024.

CAB Eligible Locations and Protest Window

Prequalified internet service providers must use the CAB Planning Tool to view and download Eligible Locations for the CAB program. Proposed locations must be submitted in the CSV template provided when responding to a scope of work. During the first 10 days of the posting period for a county scope of work, broadband providers may submit protests of CAB eligible locations that they already serve as described in Section 6 of the CAB Program Guidance. Locations must be within the relevant county. Protest data must be submitted in the template for CAB protest data. Protest data must be uploaded to the CAB Data Exchange. Credentials may be requested at

Scope of Work Instructions for Prequalified Vendors

Please refer to each scope of work once posted on the Active CAB Proposals page and follow the instructions therein, as some submission requirements may vary.

The following documents must be submitted via the Enterprise Business Services (EBS) as part of each proposal. Failure to submit any item in this list may result in disqualification from consideration.