Lease of State Property for Broadband Communications

In 2018, North Carolina implemented actions to support the expansion of broadband access by allowing leasing state-owned property and vertical assets, as outlined in North Carolina General Statute § 146‑29.2. Under the law, broadband providers interested in requesting placement of broadband components on state property must submit a completed application with:

  • A description of state property
  • Information pertaining to the lessee
  • Equipment to be used and scope of work

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The program is targeted at wireless internet service providers (WISPs). Broadband providers interested in applying for access to state-owned property or vertical assets must download and complete the BB-2, WISP Application Form. The state agency that owns the assets will then work with the applicant and the Division of State Property on this request.

Wireless internet service providers may submit the form directly to the relevant state agency that owns the assets.

The Broadband Infrastructure Office can help applicants who need assistance identifying the asset or agency and completing the form. Applicants may send the form to for assistance.

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