Technical Assistance

The Broadband Infrastructure Office’s Technical Assistance Program provides North Carolina’s communities with an on-the-ground resource for broadband expertise.

The Technical Assistance team works with broadband planning committees to:

  • Understand current broadband availability
  • Locate unserved and underserved businesses and residents
  • Identify assets relevant to broadband deployment
  • Build partnerships with broadband service providers
  • Identify opportunities to leverage assets, reduce barriers and help make the business case


Community Broadband Planning Playbook

Our Community Broadband Planning Playbook provides the tools you will need to follow our Technical Assistance team's guidance to help expand broadband access in your community. It uses functional resources to help you identify your current broadband needs, take stock of your available assets, strengths and weaknesses, establish goals, and create and implement policies that will help your community achieve its vision of the future.

View the Playbook