Who Is Affected by the Digital Divide?

The digital divide is the gap between those who have access to technology, the internet and digital literacy training and those who do not. It affects all generationsboth rural and urban communities – as well as a wide variety of industries and sectors. Here's a look at some of the groups of people affected by the digital divide.

School Children

School-age children are affected by the digital divide through the Homework Gap – the gap that occurs when they are assigned homework requiring internet access but don’t have home access.

Workforce & Employers

The rapid pace at which technology and required technology skills are advancing in the workplace is leaving behind workers without digital skills, access to the internet and computing devices. It’s also having an impact on businesses efficiency and competitiveness.

Health Care Patients

With the rise of telehealth services as viable options for contacting health care providers, people without access to broadband and computing devices will lack access to these additional tools.


Government are increasingly offering services online, and those without access to broadband and computing devices cannot access those services or participate in community activities that require access.