Broadband Survey Outreach Guide & Materials

The Broadband Infrastructure Office has developed the North Carolina Broadband Survey Outreach Guide, as well as some supporting materials, to provide support as communities develop outreach plans to help neighbors who do not have access to high-speed broadband take the North Carolina Broadband Survey.

This guide includes outreach suggestions for survey efforts and outlines strategies, tactics and tools that communities can use for outreach, as well as an example outreach plan for a launch week. 

Download the Guide

Spreading the Word

Local leaders serving as champions are the best resource for creating outreach plans that connect with communities. Below are marketing materials that your community can use as part of outreach plans to help you reach your data aggregation goals.

Use the guide or the outreach materials below to help spread the word about your community’s broadband surveying efforts. Be sure to use the hashtag #NCBroadband on Twitter.

The social media posts and direct mailer are available in both English and Spanish.

Tab/Accordion Items

Using social media is a great way to reach out into your community quickly. Using location-based groups, as well as faith-based organizations, on platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn help spread the word directly to community members.

Below are sample posts to help spread the word online about your local campaign. Find additional messaging in English or messaging translated into Spanish.

  • [COUNTY/COMMUNITY/TOWN NAME]’s broadband survey has launched! Help us identify high-speed broadband gaps in our community by taking a 5-minute survey at today, and help our community get better connected! #NCBroadband
  • Help [COUNTY/COMMUNITY/TOWN NAME]’s families and homes get better connected. Take the #NCBroadband Survey, and let us know your connection needs and quality. Visit the 5-minute survey at
  • [COUNTY/COMMUNITY/TOWN NAME] has broadband gaps that keep people in our community from being able to easily and efficiently access services like telehealth, remote learning and remote work. Help us find the gaps in our community by visiting and taking a 5-minute survey.
  • [COUNTY/COMMUNITY/TOWN NAME] needs your help finding the areas of our community that need better high-speed broadband service. Visit a 5-minute survey at
  • [COUNTY/COMMUNITY/TOWN NAME] students and teachers need better high-speed broadband, and we need help finding the un- and underserved areas in our community. Please help by taking a 5-minute survey at today, and help our community get better connected! #NCBroadband

Postal mail provides is a great way to deliver the North Carolina Broadband Survey to members of the community who are less likely to encounter it online. Print the 3x5.25" postal mailer insert, and include it in your community’s mailings, such as utility bills, school board notices, library notices, church bulletins and other important communications.

The downloaded mailer contains both English and Spanish versions.

Download Mailer

Do you need materials to explain the North Carolina Broadband Survey to local leaders in your community? Share the 8.5x11-inch broadband survey flier, or use it as a poster in libraries, coffee shops, schools, places of worship and other central community hubs.

Download Flier

Have you hung the flier somewhere in your community? Take a photo, and send it to us on Twitter! Be sure to tag @BroadbandIO with the hashtag #NCBroadband.

Encourage residents in your local community to participate in the North Carolina Broadband Survey. Download an informational handout to share and leave behind with key elected officials, stakeholders, faith-based organizations and other community leaders about why the survey is important.

Download Handout

Do you need other materials? Send a message to to discuss your campaign and how we might be able to help.