Broadband Survey Dashboards

The survey dashboards are designed to present information on broadband availability and adoption that has been gathered from households and businesses across the state through the North Carolina Broadband Survey. The dashboards are updated daily with new data and include several resources: a map with location-based results, a dashboard for visualizing survey results, information on methodology, field descriptions and other documentation. Data is organized at the county level and does not contain specific address points.

Data collection is ongoing, so please continue circulating the survey

Survey data can be downloaded from the dashboard. To view the data in a mapped format showing speeds and service availability at the address level, please visit the Broadband Survey Citizen Response Map, which is listed under “The North Carolina Broadband Survey” on the NC OneMap dashboard.

The dashboards were created collaboratively by the Broadband Infrastructure Office, the N.C. Center for Geographic Information and Analysis and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University.