We have partnered with the William & Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University to administer surveys that collect information about North Carolinians' access to affordable, reliable high-speed internet and digital equity needs. This information will be used to create and maintain state plans to connect all homes and businesses to adequate internet service, devices and digital skills training options that meet the needs of all North Carolinians.

Digital Equity Survey

The state's first digital equity survey launched in 2023 to help the Office of Digital Equity and Literacy identify individuals' needs for accessibility and affordability of digital devices and the internet as well as digital skills needed to safely access online resources. The survey, which was deployed from April to November 2023, was available online and via paper copy in English and eight other languages. Thousands of North Carolinians responded. 

N.C. Broadband Survey

The survey is designed to gather information on locations in the state without adequate internet access and speeds to help the Broadband Infrastructure Office direct funding to connect all homes and businesses in North Carolina. The N.C. Broadband Survey is available in both English and Spanish and can be taken by phone or text for locations without internet service.