Broadband Planning Committees

Community Broadband Playbook

Top Takeaways

  • Forming a broadband planning committee is one of the first things to do in working to improve broadband access.
  • Identify a “champion” of your committee, likely someone who can serve as a chairperson or primary contact person for the committee. Be certain that the champion will have enough time, energy and interest to manage the efforts.

Improving broadband internet access in your community requires strategic planning and a group of dedicated people who will work constantly and strategically towards your community’s broadband goals. Your broadband planning committee should be representative of your entire community, incorporating committed stakeholders who will benefit greatly from broadband access.


Consider recruiting for your committee from leaders and stakeholders in the following communities:

  • Local government
  • Public safety
  • Libraries
  • Education (public and private K-12, universities, community colleges)
  • Healthcare
  • Economic development
  • Businesses
  • Nonprofits
  • Utilities and broadband providers
  • Private citizens, and others committed to the expansion of broadband internet in the community.

Recruit broadband committee members strategically. For example, if local schools have been working publicly towards greater broadband access for their students, be certain to include at least one key member of the school community.

Remember that local grassroots involvement is crucial to your success. Bring in citizens with a broad range of interests. A committee that is representative of the entire community provides credibility, transparency and public accountability, as well as some assurance that most of the various needs and interests of the community are considered and, with hard work and perseverance, met.


We'll do all we can to help your community reach its goals.