The Broadband Infrastructure Office’s North Carolina Broadband Map provides geographic data related to broadband availability and adoption in the state as well as other related matters.

These maps are effective tools for improving planning, as they provide detailed information on a state, county and residential areas.

The North Carolina Broadband Map can help:

  • Determine your potential connection speed
  • Determine nearby broadband availability nearby
  • Determine available technology types

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About the Map

The North Carolina Broadband Map is an open-source, interactive GIS (Geographic Information System) map intended to display where broadband is available as well as to identify unserved and underserved areas of North Carolina by census block or street segment.

The map outlines:

  • Types of broadband technologies – including DSL, cable, mobile wireless, fixed wireless and fiber – are available to households statewide
  • Which companies are offering these services

Users can query information by plugging in a street address or selecting a specific technology type.

North Carolina Broadband Map

FCC National Broadband Map

The Federal Communications Commission’s National Broadband Map provides a visualization of the residential fixed broadband deployment data collected on FCC Form 477.

The Form 477 data collection relies on 2010 Census blocks as a standard for data collection. Thus, broadband data displayed on this map might not reflect actual service available at your physical location.