Digital Equity Grant

To help achieve Governor Cooper’s goal to close the digital divide in North Carolina, the Office of Digital Equity and Literacy has launched a phased digital equity grant program. These grants will create transformational change by helping North Carolinians afford high-speed internet, obtain digital devices and get access to digital literacy courses so they can safely and effectively participate in today’s digital economy. 

State Government Entities (Launched Sept. 27, 2022)

We invited state government entities to apply for funding to develop or expand large-scale digital equity projects that can be deployed quickly. These projects should not be focused on expanding broadband infrastructure. Applicants must be an entity of North Carolina state government, which includes:

  • All state government organizations as outlined here;
  • University of North Carolina System or individual schools, universities, or centers within the system; and
  • N.C. Community College System or individual schools, colleges or centers within the system.

We will invest a total of $10 million to support 10-15 government entities; each applicant may apply for up to $2 million. All projects must serve a statewide or regional audience (more than one county).

Applications must have been received by 5 p.m. on Nov. 10. 

Through this investment, we are seeking partnerships with experts across the state to implement digital equity solutions that positively impact target populations identified in the Digital Equity Act, including low-income households, individuals who primarily reside in a rural area, older Americans/aging residents, incarcerated and/or second chance citizens/reentry/justice involved, veterans, individuals with disabilities, individuals with a language barrier (including individuals who are English learners or whose first language is not English and/or individuals who have low levels of literacy), and individuals who are members of a racial or ethnic minority group. 

These strategic partnerships will also help ensure that the statewide digital equity plan that the Office of Digital Equity and Literacy is creating addresses all North Carolina communities and target populations.

View an Information Session

We held a series of information sessions via Webex to provide details and answers questions about the interagency digital equity grant program. You may watch the recordings below or view the slides.

  • Oct. 10 Recording

  • Oct. 20 Recording

Project Guidelines & FAQs

We are seeking to fund large-scale projects that can be deployed quickly. While the project term is two years (24 months), project descriptions should have specific, achievable goals within the first year of programming. While not required, demonstrated experience in advancing digital equity is preferred. 

Application Process and Deadline

Technical Assistance and Questions

All questions can be emailed to Maggie Woods, Digital Equity Manager for the Office of Digital Equity and Literacy, at