One Month Later: The Broadband Speed Reporting Tool

The Broadband Speed Reporting Tool enables residents and businesses to report internet availability at their homes or businesses and measure speeds.

It has been roughly a month since we launched the Broadband Speed Reporting Tool. The tool was designed to enable citizens and businesses to report internet access availability at their home or business and measure access speeds.

The data provided by North Carolinians will be used to populate a map that will show the speed of internet services that households and businesses receive at locations across the state. This information is then used to report coverage data to the Federal Communications Commission.

Since releasing the tool, we have had almost 900 people submit speed information ranging from full gig speed to many citizens reporting that they aren’t receiving service at their location at all. The number of submissions continues to grow every day.

Citizens have reported from Murphy to the Outer Banks (Come join us, Manteo) and dozens of communities in between. Some of the most dense submission information is in the urban areas, but the rural areas continue to make a substantial impact on the data. For example, in the Cullowhee, Sylva Franklin County area, there is a substantial amount of data

As the initiative continues to move forward and more and more users use the tool to report their data, the data collected will help us assist communities with applying for or petitioning for federal government funding or other funding opportunities.

If you or someone you know have not yet completed the Broadband Speed Reporting Tool, please go to, and enter your information today.

For communities who are beginning or planning data aggregation campaigns in order to support their strategic plan, our office is happy to help assist there, and the Broadband Speed Reporting Tool can be a great asset for you community to collect the data you need. Please reach out to our broadband assistance team via, and they can help you put together a data aggregation plan that will help meet your needs.