Public Safety Recommendations

Connecting North Carolina: State Broadband Plan


About Public Safety and Broadband

  • Ubiquitous, reliable broadband networks and communications systems are essential for first responders to keep the public safe.

RECOMMENDATION 1: The state should continue to work with its federal partners on the national effort to build a state-wide, interoperable data network.

PS1.1 | Continue to support the FirstNetNC office by utilizing this resource for any information related to the FirstNet effort.

PS1.2 | The state should create an office for Public Safety Communications Technologies within the DIT to work closely with: The Criminal Justice Information Network (CJIN), Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services (CJLEADS), the North Carolina 911 Board, and the DIT Broadband Infrastructure Office -FirstNet North Carolina. This office would support the Department of Public Safety, Department of Health and Human Services – Office of EMS, Department of Insurance – Office of State Fire Marshall, and the many public safety agencies throughout the state especially smaller entities that are not able to explore emerging communications technologies.

RECOMMENDATION 2: The state should continue to pursue and fund the Next-Generation 911 initiative using existing funding.

RECOMMENDATION 3: The state should work with all public safety and first responder agencies to continue eliminating silos and encourage sharing networks.

PS3.1 | Continue support for the Statewide Interoperability Coordinator position under North Carolina Emergency Management.

PS3.2 | The state should consider elevating the State Interoperability Executive Committee to a formally recognized body of communication subject matter experts representing various disciplines across the state. No funding is needed to implement this.


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