Via the North Carolina League of Municipalities: Report Your Internet Speed to Regulators; Interactive Map to Show Coverage, Gaps

The state has released an innovative new way to chart Internet speeds in localities across North Carolina, with a goal of improving situations for the underserved. “Reliable internet access is crucial for helping businesses grow, students learn, and communities connect to the wider world,” Gov. Roy Cooper said in a press release on Wednesday. “This new tool will identify areas that need better access to broadband.” People can report their Internet speeds at home and at work through this new mapping tool, launched by the N.C. Department of Information Technology’s Broadband Infrastructure Office. Municipal leaders may inform their residents about this new tool, the homepage for whichincludes a tutorial for users. Basically, the user enters a home or business address and follows simple steps to report the Internet speed there. The data will populate a statewide map showing these varying speeds — notably showing areas most in need — and will help to report more accurate coverage information to the Federal Communications Commission. “Access to high-speed internet is crucial these days,” said State Chief Information Officer Eric Boyette, “and I’m encouraged by the fact that this technology will bring us one step closer to making sure that North Carolinians receive the services they need, regardless of their geographic location throughout the State.”


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